a new beginning

hi and hello,

my name is Annina. this is my new little place to share and muse. it will be my outlet for any kind of mood, for ideas, seriousness and silliness. sometimes it might be more poetic, other times you might see coarse language, spur of the moment language, or just a list of what-happened-today.
sometimes i like to keep my everyday life to myself though, and seeing as i have a major obsession with Enchanted Dolls and love in particular for my dear Iðunn, you will find a lot of talk about her and them here.
one of the reasons i am starting this blog is also to join the little Enchanted Doll blog family.
another reason is a need for change. i have had a livejournal since 2003 and i enjoyed my time there but lately i have had a craving for something new. change has to come from within but as the saying goes “as within so without”, this blog will be part of my “without”, and i will let myself post here whatever i feel to share in the moment.
it’s an experiment, i can’t yet tell exactly what it will be, but like everything it’s a journey that enfolds and will be ever enfolding and changing.

now i would like to introduce to you Iðunn, my Enchanted Doll:

Iðunn on her first day with me

this photo is one i took of her on the first day she was with me. after having had a wtb (want to buy) thread on the ED forum for some months “just in case” i was able to adopt her from a previous owner and she arrived on July 17th 2009.
the following photo is when i first held her, taken by Calle who is often shaky because of his asthma medicine, so it is blurry, but i like this photo as it captured a precious moment:

holding Iðunn

this moment was the start of my journey with Iðunn and i am so very grateful to have her in my life!


now bear with me as i settle into my new place here and get used to the wordpress way of blogging.


9 Responses to “a new beginning”

  1. ms noxy Says:

    aww yay! now I has another blog to follow religiously. Woot!!!!

  2. Annina Says:

    yay Noxy, thanks for your comment *figures out wordpress comment settings* x)

  3. Ruth Says:

    Hoory, Annina! I am so thrilled that you’re blogging! I will bookmark you on Yren’s blog and visit you all the time! ♥

    It will be wonderful to see everything you and Iðunn are up to, right here in your own place.

  4. Annina Says:

    aww thank you Ruth and thank you Noxy for adding me to your Blogrolls, it’s nice to be part of the blog world :D

  5. Crystal Lee Says:

    Hey Annina!

    What fun! I want to start a blog too as soon as I get my girl! It will be fun to see what you and Idunn are up to. It’s funny because I had been looking at Norse goddess names today and saw Idunn, this goddess has a tree in her garden with apples that can make you younger as I remember. And so here you are under the tree!

  6. Annina Says:

    hi Crystal,
    that will be lovely if you start a blog when your girl is with you, i look forward to follow you two also!
    i didn’t exactly choose the name with that tree in mind but now that you mention it, it actually does fit. the name just came to me on the day i decided to make the blog and it just fits me very well in many aspects, have always loved trees. how cool that it fits Iðunn also without me even planning it. :)
    good luck with the naming, i find Norse Mythology names very inspiring!

  7. Tororo Says:

    Hi Annina!
    I came to this blog through the link in your DoA profile…
    We met there ^__^ (I’m known there as the guy from the banks of Kohaku river XD ) … I didn’t know then about all your dolls and I was so thrilled finding out you hosted the wonderful Idunn (pardon my spelling, I don’t know how to type it properly); she’s such an amazing doll! Thanks for sharing the precious moment from her arrival.
    Long live your blog!

  8. Annina Says:

    hi Tororo,
    yes i remember you, thanks so much for the comment and for stopping by!
    that icelandic d is not easy to write on the keyboard, i don’t mind her name written with the regular d and even do it myself sometimes. ;)
    i’m glad you like her and hope to have new pics up soon, this is her set on flickr in case you want to see more of her: idunn
    best wishes to you ♥

  9. Tororo Says:

    Thanks, Annina, for the link to your flickr! So many gorgeous pics of Idunn there!

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