waiting for…

Smilla, black-eyed suzie doll by Sarah Faber

we are all waiting today, yes Smilla above too, mostly we are waiting for the prize doll of Marina Bychkova’s birthday contest to be revealed, and also to see all the entries that people made (yes i entered it aswell). oh how exciting!
i don’t know when things will be shown but the deadline to send in an entry was yesterday on the 13th march and Marina’s birthday is on the 16th march. maybe we’ll see a glimpse of the doll she is giving away soon.

Iðunn, the queen, has decided that it is time for spring (the last foam of snow is still lying on the ground and we have a ‘warm’ 2° celsius / 36° farenheit) and has put on a spring-y barbie dress she found in my pullip/barbie clothing storage.
So she is waiting for spring!

she is also wearing a paper crown my boyfriend made for her and a necklace of the beautiful jewelry by Paige of Hammer Stitch & Burn. Paige has sent us some lovely pieces for fittings as she does not have a doll yet, and she was so sweet as to let us keep this beautiful jewelry. you can see all photos of the fittings here. thank you so much again Paige, we really treasure these pieces! ♥

the queen wants spring

ok, blog post over, continuing the wait. :)


4 Responses to “waiting for…”

  1. monika viktoria (mayple) Says:

    Oh goodness.. when I read that it was Esme that was waiting I thought “You cheeky thing you told me you DIDN”T get a new suzie doll this time around!!!!!” lol

    I’m going to have to put myself under a 48 hour internet ban till 5:30 on Wednesday (when I finish work) to keep myself from refreshing the Enchanted page every 5 minutes :-O

  2. Annina Says:

    hahaha aww Monika, no she is truly waiting with all of us to see the new Enchanted Doll! ;)

    yeah i just now noticed that only 3 people are on THE forum and realized, i should probably watch a movie and then watch it over and over and over to pass some time! :O
    good luck to us and see you in two days (or every five minutes on Marina’s Blog, lol)

    and *grmbl*, this wordpress avatar takes several days to show up *taps foot*

  3. Ruth Says:

    These girls do have a way of appropriating any clothing they want that isn’t actually on some other doll’s back, don’t they?

    Iðunn makes a lovely Queen of Spring!

    I see from Marina’s blog this morning that the deadline has been pushed back to the 16th, so you’ve got even more waiting ahead of you! Time to watch a *series* of movies over and over! :-)

  4. Annina Says:

    it’s true Ruth, you’ve noticed it with Yren too haven’t you. ;)

    Spring and Spring Equinox is also Iðunn’s plan for the ED forum march photo theme, we’ll see how exactly it turns out! :)

    yes i’ve just seen her post about it too, i will have to watch many movies and get busy with a project, maybe i’ll do some knitting again!

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