little ashes and cadaqués

i just finished watching little ashes, a film about Salvador Dalí and Federico García Lorca. i really liked it, so full of emotion, very touching. and yes i am a fan of Robert Pattinson, i think he is a great actor and i find him very good looking. :)
it was so cool, when the two of them are in Cadaqués, walking out of the church and then stealing the bikes leaning against the wall, i pointed at the screen and squee’d as i was in exactly that spot years ago and i remember it so clearly. i did not steal any bikes (haha) but i remember it was a very warm and sunny day. i loved Cadaqués and this made me really want to go back soon! when i was there i also went to look at Dalís house which is open to the public, so weird and cool.
if you like and are interested in Dalí and/or if you like Robert Pattinson i recommend to watch Little Ashes, and if you have the opportunity to travel the spanish Pyrenees i recommend going to visit the little town Cadaqués and seeing the house of Dalí. oh and not to forget to eat dinner in one of the lovely restaurants there, mmh spanish food!


6 Responses to “little ashes and cadaqués”

  1. ms noxy Says:

    ooo I think I read a tiny bit about this movie in an article about Rob (in… GQ maybe? lol, some manly mag I think) and wanted to catch it if I could remember it when it came out. Ha. So thanks for the reminder! Hopefully I’ll get to see it soon. Hehe. :)

  2. Annina Says:

    cool Noxy, i think it was well done, it’s quite sad at the end.
    i have phases of Rob obsession so lately i have checked out “How to be” also, it wasn’t as great as i expected it to be though. fun and weird and i like the idea behind it, but i liked “Little Ashes” better. ;)
    do you know the Letters to Rob blog? it’s hilarious, i go and read some posts when i have a Rob phase. :)

  3. Lindi Says:

    Hi Annina! ;D I’m very rarely at LJ anymore, but I checked my friends list now and saw that you made a blog, so here I am ;D
    Oh, how did you get that url to your flick-box to the right there? Would love to link to my flickr-page on my blog as well.

  4. Annina Says:

    hi Lindi, so nice to read you again! i think i saw your blog once when you said something about it on lj but i forgot again, now that i am in blog land also and you are even on wordpress too, i’ll be able to keep up much easier, going to follow your blog! :)

    to put some flickr pictures on the sidebar, click “My Dashboard”, then in the list on the left side open the “Appearance” drop down list and there click “Widgets”. any of the available ones you can pull over to the right and then change their settings, pull the one called “Flickr” over there and then open the drop-down and it explains how to set everything.
    i’m still also exploring the widgets, i’m liking the things one can do here on wordpress!
    see you around, hehe! ♥

    edit: ah i just realized you have your blog on your own site, have to figure out how to follow it, but i’ll add you to my link list in my sidebar and then it’s easy to check from there what you are up to. ;)

  5. Lindi Says:

    I figured it out somehow, through the Flickr-site ;D
    Yeah, I have my blog on my site. Are you using Bloglovin’ then? That is such a clever site to follow blogs! You should check it out:

    I’m rarely on LJ these days.. I’m just checking my friends list once in a while, but I don’t really post there anymore. I’m thinking about maybe delete my journal, but I haven’t really decided yet what to do yet. Do you know if any other lj-people, that both of us are following, that has a blog?

  6. Annina Says:

    no actually i’m still unsure what to use to follow other blogs, i want to find something that works for all kinds of blogs but i’m a little confused by all the different options.. i’ll check that bloglovin’ out, thank you!

    i have not posted much on LJ for quite a while and lately it seemed like a chore, plus most “old friends” aren’t posting anymore either, it just didn’t feel like “home” anymore so i knew i wanted a change. i will also keep going back to check my friends page for now, and i don’t think i will delete my journal, because i like to keep the memories, like an old diary.
    no i don’t actually know of any of the ones that we are both following having a blog, i just added the ones i knew of (you aren’t lj-friends with them) and figured i would find others over time. i’m glad you found me here! :)

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