This was my breakfast on April 2nd:

i was preparing it and took a bite, then decided to put it back down and take a picture because it looked so pretty.
it’s two small pieces of white teabread, one with butter and honey and the other with butter and apricot marmalade. then a piece of dark bread with nuts and as a topping cottage cheese, pepper and garden cress. next to it an egg, and a glass of water.
i forgot to add the apple in the first photo:

and here is a close-up of the bread:

we have been growing garden cress in our window sill several times now, i love having some to put on my bread, and it is so easy to grow and looks cute, like a tiny forest! :)

this was a breakfast post because i hadn’t blogged in a while. i wish everyone a happy easter and go eat eggs! :D


6 Responses to “Breakfast”

  1. ms noxy Says:

    happy easter! This breakfast looks delicious! (eyes the honeyfied bread) Makes me consider actually *eating* breakfast this morning! Hmmmm…

  2. Annina Says:

    wow noxy you’re so fast, i bet you smelled the honey! :D
    i love honey too, right now i’m sadly out of my favourite honey (from the provence in france, you should try it) but have another one i bought and have to eat, before i can buy my favourite again. it’s ok but i love the french honey better!
    this “breakfast” was eaten at 2pm, hehe, it is “morning” whenever i get up ;)
    enjoy your breakfast if you are going to eat one!

  3. Ruth Says:

    This is the most artistic breakfast I have ever seen! The golds against the blue cloth, the texture of the cottage cheese, the delicate stems of the watercress, and the visual rhyming of the apple and bitten egg–it’s beautiful! And it looks yummy, too. :-) I would never have thought of putting cottage cheese and watercress on top of nut bread, but I sure like the idea. What’s for lunch?

  4. Annina Says:

    thank you Ruth, and your description of my breakfast sounds so poetic!
    interesting, i was wondering if there were other words for the plant, watercress you say, that sounds lovely.
    in Swedish it is called “krasse” and in German “Kresse”.
    yes if you like watercress you should try it together with cottage cheese, i enjoy the mix! :)

  5. Crystal Lee Says:

    I really like this post, finding art and pleasure in the simple things! What an interesting breakfast, is that dark bread very thick? My grandmother who was from the Netherlands always ate this really heavy thick bread made of just grain I think. Anyway lovely breakfast, you have a very good appetite in the morning!
    Hey, is that Provence honey from bees who go in the lavender fields? I imagine that would taste really good!

  6. Annina Says:

    hehe i do like to eat a lot for breakfast, although not when it is earlier in the morning. this here was very late, 2pm i think, so it was more like brunch. ;)

    that dark bread was actually not that heavy with grain, but it was one of those coloured ones, i don’t actually know how they do it but it coloured so it’s darker in some way. it had walnut pieces though, it was quite good. we bought it when we went to another supermarket than we normally go, so i want to go back there and buy it again!

    the provence honey, yes i believe the bees are in the lavender fields because it does have a slight taste like that. i’m still eating the boring honey but hope it’s over soon so i can buy the provence one again, ah, i’m drooling just thinking of it. :)
    you are going to france some time soon aren’t you? you should eat provence honey there!

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