Gifts from Ruth and Yren

yesterday on the 6th we got gifts in the mail from our friends Ruth and her Yren. :D
we held a little photoshoot and want to show what lovely things we got.

what do we have here. let's check

oooh look at these

this one feels nice, i want to try it

we're letting down the hair, look at the lovely locks

this one doesn't quite fit but works as a cute beret, i feel like a french lady

these two are a little small also, they want to pop off. we'll try if they fit others later

this one fits perfectly, and what lovely colours

oh and this one we love, one of our favourite colours

Thank you so much dear Ruth and Yren, these hats are so beautifully made, Iðunn is in love with them and has kept the wine red one on, she looks like a model in it, i love how it emphasizes her long hair!
I also loved your nice words you wrote in the beautiful Monet card, you are so sweet! :)


8 Responses to “Gifts from Ruth and Yren”

  1. ms noxy Says:

    Aww Idunn looks lovely in these photos! I love the red one best too. heee.

  2. Annina Says:

    Idunn is so glad to have such dear friends all over the world, you always have nice words for her Noxy! :)

  3. Ruth Says:

    Iðunn’s head must about the same size as Yren’s, because the same two hats fit Yren the same way as they do Iðunn. That will make it easy for me to fit her in the future! Hope some of your smaller girls can use the others.

    Beautiful photos! Thank you for such a lovely post! It’s so fun to see things I made and know they are on the other side of the world from me now. Our ED forum is the greatest for the international friendships it makes possible.

  4. Annina Says:

    Ruth that is interesting, i thought something like that. so then Yren and Iðunn have around the same sized head (when Yren is wearing her Marina-wigs). i will try the small ones on my other dolls and share pictures when i do!

    i agree, i cherish these friendships with you and others that we have through the ED forum and i really hope we can all meet some day, in a big international ED-Friends Meeting! :)

  5. monika viktoria (mayple) Says:

    mmmm, super international ED-friends meeting!!!

    Idunn is so cute whenever you document new presents!!! Hope the berets fit your littler dolls….

    The brown frenchy beret might even look nice with the “little adventuress” set, it’s the right colour anyway ^_^

  6. Annina Says:

    you’re right Monika, i’ll have to try the brown one when Idunn goes on another adventure!! :)

    we’ll have to make it work sometime, an international meet, with cookies for all the dolls and people too ;)

  7. Terri Says:

    I love her dress!

  8. Annina Says:

    thank you Terri, i bought it a long time ago for my Pullips but now Idunn has claimed it. ;)

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