there and back again

we are back from our little vacation in the middle of nowhere, i really enjoyed the nature and the quiet. lying on the veranda, writing in my diary, the walks down to the lake, sometimes just the sitting outside doing nothing.

i also took many photos of iðunn, she really fits so well for outdoor photography, she looks right at home in nature.

because i brought her in a box with pillows she even “went to bed” every night ;)

one night we drove around in our car and ended up on this cemetary, i quite liked it there.

as you can see it’s half past eleven there and that is as dark as it gets for the night in the summer. at something after 3am dawn starts.

here some more photos of iðunn:

on one of the last days i braided her hair, i think she looks so cute like that.

i’ll end with some photos from another walk we took, along a little stream in the woods.

you can find many more photos of this vacation on my flickr (there’s 5 pages full).


8 Responses to “there and back again”

  1. Lindi Says:

    Love your photoes!! Specially the first noe – it’s so nice! :)

  2. Annina Says:

    thank you Lindi, i’m glad you like them :)

  3. Tororo Says:

    These pictures are AWESOME! Well, how could they not be? Idunn + gorgeous place = winning combination.

  4. Annina Says:

    thank you Tororo, i’m also really happy with these pics, it was fun taking her outside to these nice places!

  5. monika viktoria Says:

    Um Annina….. If I ever plan a trip to Europe can you take me here? Can you take me here so that I might lose myself :-) Can you adopt me?
    These scenes are all so so beautiful, perfect background material!! I have just been bemoaning my lack of available background reference material…..I think the answer is a little visit to the land of Europa ;-)

    The two shots of her in front of the tree are SO gorgeous….. a little woodland nymph!

  6. Annina Says:

    dear Monika, yes you should definitely take a trip to Europe some time, it’s so diverse, i’d take you to this place, don’t forget the swarms of mosquitos which you can’t see in the photo but are there. ;)

    but definitely, i realized again on this little trip that i live in a gorgeous place and don’t have to go that far to see new things.
    thanks for liking the photos! :)

  7. Jon Songserm Says:

    like a mistique or enchanted, it’s almost to green in every where?

    I love green this time in Thailand have a terible flood in many part, i need to go to relax or to have a vacation, south beach or sea soon.

    i wonder about the time of sunrise and suset in your home town ? of cuase i never ever have a chane to to sweeden befall I just want to know for information, and I heard about sweeden is the land of green and forest ?

  8. Annina Says:

    Jon, yes Sweden is a very green and foresty country, although the pictures in this post are from the vacation house of my boyfriends parents and it is an hour north from us, it’s out in the forest.
    where we live it’s less foresty, here is a photo from our bedroom:
    our view
    here is at the beach:

    oh i hope you are save, about the flood, hope you and your loved ones are well!

    sunrise right now is around 8:00 am, and sunset around 16:00 (4:00 pm). here in the south of sweden it is bright slightly less long, but it is not completely dark like in the north.
    in summer we have about 2 hours more daylight per day than middle of europe, but also not the extreme like sun all day and night, like they have in north sweden.

    i have not yet been to the north of Sweden but my boyfriend tells me from some point on it is all forest forest forest ;)
    i hope to go soon and see the north, it’s a long country!

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