happy 1-year-Iðunn

on July 17th Iðunn has been with me since 1 year!

Iðunn on her first day with me, July 17th 2009

i am on the waiting list for a crown for her, once it is my turn i will commission it from Marina.


8 Responses to “happy 1-year-Iðunn”

  1. monika viktoria Says:

    Cute way you’ve posed her to have a little crown on her head :-) Is that the crown you want?

    Fern will have her 1st anniversary in a couple of months too.

    Happy one year with annina, Idunn!!!

  2. Annina Says:

    yes she is “stealing” Agnetha’s crown here, on this box-backing.
    i wouldn’t mind a crown like that but what i am planning to order is a Banshee crown in bronze. not sure yet if gilded or not (depends on my finances).

    soon Fern’s 1-year-anniversary with you too, how time flies!

    thank you, says Iðunn. :)

  3. Tororo Says:

    Oh my, I’m late! ^___^ Best belated wishes! May you share many many years together!

  4. Annina Says:

    Tororo, no worries, we gladly take your wishes any time, thank you :)

  5. Ruth Says:

    Happy Birthday, Iðunn!

    She is so beautiful and regal, she always looks as if she is mentally wearing a crown. So when she wears one for real we know it will look perfectly natural on her!

  6. Annina Says:

    thank you Ruth!
    yes that’s how i felt since the first time i saw her, i think she is meant to wear a crown and it will be a dream come true when she can! :)

  7. Jon Songserm Says:

    It’s quite late to say, but happy anniversary for Iðunn

    I quite curios how to pronouce her name Iðunn in English(?)

    Crown on her will be amazing! I have no wonder about it.

    How can we wash her hair ? Is it silk tread ?

  8. Annina Says:

    oh, no worry Jon, i appreciate it anytime! thank you! :)

    i am not quite sure how the exact pronounciation would be in english, lets see, i find this link:

    they say “ih DOON”, that is very similar to how i pronounce it!

    yes i hope i can order the crown soon, i am so impatient to have it for her, i’m in love with the image in my head ;)

    her hair (and most ED’s) is mohair, it is hair of a goat, check here:

    i washed it once so far, i did not make it wet up to her head, only close, so i would not get water in her head or into the steel spring system.
    i have pictures here:
    scroll down to the 5th pst on the page, there i linked to pictures and described how i did it.
    i will soon do again when i find a special shampoo, i want to buy one that smells like flowers so her hair will smell nice!

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