A Crown and a Throne

it has been quite a while since i blogged last, and a lot has happened in that time, but most recently, on April 5th which also is Calle’s birthday, i got a package from Canada in the mail.
it was something that had been coveted by Iðunn and i for a long time.

if you would like to experience a little box opening, you can do so by following this link to my flickr:

when Iðunn first arrived to me from her previous owner, there was a print of the costumed doll Agnetha included with her, this one:

and when i took her first pictures, she seemed to suddenly align herself to be crowned:

ever since then i dreamed of really crowning her, and now this dream has come true.
Marina has made the beautiful Banshee crown in bronze for me.

an arrival ♥

Iðunn is crowned ♥

Iðunn is crowned ♥

it is even more amazing than i could have imagined and i am so happy that i went with my initial plan of bronze. i was considering gold plated but now i am so happy that i went with bronze because it is such an amazing colour and it looks so beautiful on Iðunn. she looks like out of an old fairy tale, the crown looks so precious and ancient, i just can’t even describe how much i love it.
i want to start saying “my prrrrecioussssss”. :)

thank you dear Marina for making that dream come true and making my dear Iðunn a crowned doll!

and so the time came to also show something else that i have had since a while.
this wonderful Throne in Enchanted Doll size that Calle made for me as a christmas gift.

Iðunn is crowned and enthroned ♥

Iðunn is crowned and enthroned ♥

Iðunn is crowned and enthroned ♥

around christmas time last year i went to my home country switzerland for 2 weeks to visit my family there, and while i was gone Calle kept telling me how his arms and fingers were hurting from making my christmas gift. he kept taunting me and i was so eager to find out what in the world he was doing, i just couldn’t imagine what it could be.
and so when i came home and we exchanged gifts, mine was this magnificent throne made from high quality oak wood by Calle himself. it is just so thoughtful and i love it so much! :D
he designed it himself being inspired by nordic and european history and he got input and assistance from his father Lasse.

both these creations are so precious to me and i am so happy to be able to share them with you now.
if you would like to see more, there are many more photos on my flickr if you follow this link:


12 Responses to “A Crown and a Throne”

  1. the noxeh Says:

    Egads! Annina has blogged! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!
    I’m so happy you finally got a crown! She looks beauuutiful in it. I’m glad you went with bronze too, Iðunn seems like she’s more of an earthy lady, so the bronzish looks perfect on her. And that throne! WOW! Calle did a GREAT job on it! She’s looking so pleased. Hee hee. <3

    • Annina Says:

      hehe yeees i finally blogged! ;)
      and woohoo, i love getting noxeh-comments! :D
      thank you Noxy, yeah i love the bronze. i saw you asking somewhere if the bronze looks a little like rose gold and in my opinion it does, it’s such a lovely colour with this slight peach tone in it!
      and thanks for the comments on Calle’s throne, he is really pleased with it too and i just love it! and of course Iðunn loves it too ♥

  2. Tororo Says:

    Oh my! Both Idunn’s gifts are equally amazing, each in its own way.
    Vive la reine!

  3. Astera Says:

    Oh, she is magnificient! The crown was totally worth your wait and Calle’s gift to you is not only a masterpiece of craftmanship and elegance, but also super special because he expecially made it for you…it must have been a memorable home coming for you…and also a great way to start the new year! :)

  4. Lindi Says:

    She’s gorgeous! :)

  5. Ama Says:

    Oh fantastic Annina ! looking at her like this is like stepping into the magic athmosphere of a fairy tale…..

    • Annina Says:

      oops excuse my belated reply to this comment, i must have missed the notification.
      thanks dear Ama, i agree, i so treasure all the lovely gifts i have gotten for Iðunn ♥

  6. Plura Bella Says:

    She looks so regal! That crown is just gorgeous. Calle has magic fingers! :)))

    • Annina Says:

      thanks dear Anna, the crown is really something! planning to take photos with it soon again! and Calle indeed is such a dear, i was blown away by his gift! :)

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