Friday, March 1st 2013 – of anticipation, delivery trucks and new meetings

a phone is ringing, or so i think, but as i wake up from a dream fleeing my mind the sound changes and it is my alarm clock beeping. it’s an earlier morning than usual for me, since today is a special day. i check on Calle but he is sound asleep, which is good because he is fighting a cold and needs as much sleep as he can get.
i get out of bed and walk down the cold stairs, turn up the heating slightly and prepare my usual bowl of müsli with fruit juice. eating my breakfast i’m checking my inbox and then the fed ex tracking site. this is why the day is special, i am waiting for a doll.

it all started last november. i had been admiring these dolls for a long time and following the artists path, and i knew that one day i wanted to have one of her creations. in november 2012 i finally decided that the time was right, and contacted her. lo and behold, she told me she just started taking commissions. i took that as a sign and we started to exchange emails talking about my wishes for my doll. once that was all determined she gave me an estimate of how long the creation of my doll would take. we were in contact throughout and i was updated about the different stages of the creation of my doll. it was so enjoyable being part of the creation process and seeing her come alive slowly step by step. until finally last month her completion was imminent and i got to choose between two wigs among a few other last decisions.
she was then shipped last saturday.
yesterday i received a letter from customs and payed the customs taxes, today is the day her arrival is scheduled, and i can feel the excitement building. the tracking shows that she is out for delivery in a truck that left from a city situated about one hour from here. they will probably deliver other parcels along the way, but i can’t be sure. i’m glad i got up early. i finish my bowl of müsli and gather the things i need to bring. i will be waiting for the truck in the other house which is our main address. i grab my journal, a pen, a book, my cell phone and wallet and leave our house quietly not to wake Calle.
walking through the garden i enjoy the sun, it is making me feel warm for the first time this year. the month of March is here and the first signs of spring are showing.
i enter the other house and make myself comfortable at the kitchen table near the front door. that way i can see the street out the window.
it will be at least a little while til the truck arrives, i think, so i get myself a glass of water. then i open my beautiful journal to write for a bit. that one was a christmas gift from Calle, it is made by Louise of Bibliographica who makes the most beautiful journals i ever saw.
i’m writing and scribbling, i like to draw little details or objects that had a part in my day interspersed in the text.
a car passes and i jump, since this is a short connecting street that does not get much traffic usually, but it is just a regular car, so i get back to my journal. writing and gathering my thoughts, i stare out the window at times and loose myself a little bit looking at the clouds.
still i quickly remember that i’m waiting. sometimes i like to just sit and wait. most people don’t like waiting, something needs to be happening at every second in their life, otherwise they feel they are not accomplishing anything. i know of the importance of doing nothing and i suddenly realize, sitting and waiting isn’t as bad as it may seem. it feels nice, like a little space and time that’s just there. yet at the same time, of course i am expecting something and there is some impatience. it is a little back and forth feeling.
i feel that i’m done writing in my journal, so i close it and just sit for a while.
then my eyes fall on the book i brought, one i’ve had for a long time but just haven’t read yet.
i think now is the time to start. it’s part two of a trilogy, its title is “the mysterious benedict society and the perilous journey” by trenton lee stewart.
just as i expected, it is one of these books that grabs you and you forget everything around you. i am reading and i am there with the characters as they meet once again for their second adventure. i am reading still when i notice something white out of the corner of my eye. it is the fed ex truck in front of the house. my heart starts racing and i am bursting from excitement. i can’t help but smile big as i put down my book and run to the door. i open it before the delivery guy even gets out of his truck. i’m still smiling big i think because he gets out of the truck with my parcel and is smiling back at me.
he asks if i’m Annina and i answer indeed i am. he hands me the parcel, i set it down behind me and turn back to him. he has me signing that touch screen thingy they have.
there it is, we are done and he smiles at me again while he gets back into his truck and drives off. i wonder if he is just a very happy person or if i made him smile. either way i close the door, grab my parcel and the things i brought with me and leave the main house through the garden. the sun is still shining. i feel my excitement jumping in me and i know that i have to jump too. i get into our house and put down my tings and the parcel. Calle is up by now. i run in and tell him, she’s here!!! i take the camera, an extra lens and a cutter and place them on my bed upstairs. the sun is shining through the window, perfect.
i get back down to grab my parcel and place it on my bed also.
here it is, that moment i’ve been waiting for, it’s here now. :D
let’s open this special parcel, so you’ll finally know who i have been waiting for!
here we go:







































welcome to this beautiful custom porcelain Paperwhite doll made for me by talented and all around wonderful Teri. i would like to say a big thank you for this amazing experience which resulted in this lovely doll, i enjoyed every second of it!
words can’t describe how happy i am to be the new keeper of this doll, and i shall treasure her for all my time. ♥

now to listen if she will tell me her name.


you can find Teri’s blog here:

and her flickr here:

my dolls sister lives with Christina, see her here:
Christina’s Alisha on flickr

and here the two of them are together on Teri’s blog:



8 Responses to “Friday, March 1st 2013 – of anticipation, delivery trucks and new meetings”

  1. Tororo Says:

    Awwwww, it’s been such a long time since I last commented here!
    But today is a good time to do so. Congratulations, it’s a wonderful doll! I loved reading her arrival’s detailed account ^____^ (although I felt sorry for Calle for having got a cold. Hugs to him!) Thanks for all the pictures that allow us to admire how delicate is the sculpting. The wig is great too, is it your own choice?

    • Annina Says:

      thank you dear Tororo, funny as it feels like yesterday we last talked through comments. i’m truly in love with this doll and feel so lucky to be her new keeper! i’m glad you enjoyed my account of her arrival! yes, i chose the wig also, i love that colour and it’s sooo soft and the magnet system it attaches to the head with works so well. i was able to choose her general colouring and blushing, face painting and wig colour and length, and i’m really happy with how Terri managed to both follow my wishes and stay true to her own style at the same time, and the doll turned out more beautiful than i even imagined. now i just need to pick her perfect name, something that usually takes me a while.
      thanks for the hugs for Calle, he is still coughing but no fever anymore, but now i unfortunately got the cold too.
      we’re both staying inside and drinking lots of tea, and this too will pass. :)

  2. noxy Says:

    Beautiful doll! Glad to see a post from you too. :) *hugs*

  3. Els Says:

    Congrads on your beautiful new doll. She looks absolutely stunning! :D

  4. Astera Says:

    Great news (I too enjoyed the account of what happened that morning: such a happy way to start the day!)! She is really precious. Love the way Terri drew her eyebrows and also the beautiful color you chose for her eyes. Have fun! Hope Calle feels better by now. Hugs

    • Annina Says:

      thank you dear Maura, and i’m glad you liked the post! :)
      i so agree with you about her eyebrows and oh the eyes are so special. it was a colour Terri hadn’t done before and she agreed trying it for me and it turned out even more beautiful than i could have imagined!
      Calle is slowly getting better, but i’m in the same boat with him now, caught the cold also, but it was probably inevitable, seeing we are together 24/7. so we’ll get through it together, with hot tea and layers of clothing and mountains of tissues, hehe. ;)

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