I like to sit under my tree and look at the world and the sky from here. The tree changes with the seasons and it has many small inhabitants, some stay for a long time and make a nest, and some just sit to rest for a while, then continue on their journey. The tree is simply here and offers its branches and leaves and its space to beings who wish to stop by.

My name is Annina, I am 30 years old and live in Sweden with my boyfriend Calle. I am originally from Switzerland. I have a small family of dolls that are very precious to me.
More often than not I will be talking about them and about doll related things, as they are my passion.
Sit with me under my tree for a while. :)


6 Responses to “Me”

  1. Louise Says:

    Wonderful. I just signed up to your blog and so look forward to reading your posts. Fascinating work you do! :)

    • Annina Says:

      thank you Louise, i’m so flattered that you like my blog ♥
      i have to say the dolls are not made by me, but i love to collect them and photograph them, and have always loved miniatures and small things, hence loving your work. :)

  2. JB Says:

    Hello Annina! Per your request, I posted photos of my 3-Enchanted Dolls. Now, I would like to SELL my Male Enchanted Doll, Damiel, hopefully, to an Enchanted Doll forum member. I wonder if you might post it and/or a link to my Flickr acct? Thank you for your consideration, J-M

    • Annina Says:

      hi JB,
      thanks for adding your ED’s to the flickr pool!

      about your sale, i think it would not be appropriate for me to post about your sale on my flickr or blog, why don’t you just post in the for sale section of the Enchanted Doll Forum? there you get plenty of views, it’s where people who are looking for a doll will see it most likely and i’m very sure you will find a buyer!
      best of luck! :)

  3. Caitlin Says:

    Hi Annina I’ve seen every picture of yours on Flickr.They r are all very lovey aspecialy pictures with Idunn,she’s extremely lovely and last night I’ve saw that you’ve receive a new ED,hope she will get use to her new home:3

    • Annina Says:

      thank you Caitlin, that’s very sweet of you! the new ED is a little shy but she is settling in, she hasn’t told me her name yet, i hope she will soon. and i should have new photos of the two of them on flickr in the next days! :)

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