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My friend Amal made an amazing doll – HeartStrung Ruse

March 11, 2014

Hello everyone,
Please excuse my very sparse posting here, I hope to start posting more regularly in the future.
Today I am writing because my friend Amal has made an amazing new doll that is now finished and she is even giving one doll away.
Amal’s first doll was Pirooz who was a limited edition of 6 that she hand cast herself. One of them is my beloved Saga:

more Saga ♥

When she was done with Pirooz she went right back to work and has a created an even more amazing doll, Ruse, I’ve been following her creation with bated breath because each news she shared made me more excited. These are photos of her creation:


And this is the finished Ruse:

Capturing Ruse

Little grasshopper

HeartStrung Ruse

Ruse is being professionally cast and is now available to pre-order in Amal’s HeartStrung Storenvy shop or HeartStrung Things Etsy shop

And now to top it off, Amal is holding a giveaway in which some lucky person can win this wonderful doll:

Win this doll!

All the info about the giveaway is here:
HeartStrung Ruse Giveaway on Flickr
And here is her facebook: HeartStrung facebook

I had to share because I am so excited, she is so beautiful, I think I have Ruse-fever! :D

Oh and I almost forgot to say, she can be discussed here on Den of Angels:
HeartStrung Ruse discussion thread